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Museum Accessibility

Museum Accessibility

Museum accessibility is a service that would allow us to evaluate your institution’s accessibility for various type of visitor according to the own needs, either physical limitations or special cognitive needs. The evaluation completed with suggestions and recommendations on how your institution can create work around limitations and breakthrough paths that would left memorable impression in people’s minds and hearts.

exhibit evaluation

Exhibit Evaluation

Exhibit evaluation is a service that would give sights on how successful is your exhibit beyond number of visitors. The evaluation will answer your questions on how the message has been received; who goes to your exhibit and what kind of senses that your exhibit has successfully intrigued.

Museum Clinic

Museum Clinic

Museum clinic is a service for museums who would like to understand about themselves from a vantage point in order to allow themselves to improve or achieve their intended goals. Like going to a doctor, before you can get better, total current state is essential as the base to move on. How this clinic work is just like how you would go to a clinic, first stage is diagnose, second is analysis on the issues, then together we work on priorities and lead the path on where your institution can start the journey to be the museum of people. This service would require quite a lengthy period and you may need to also invest on the museum’s human resource to be an active part of the process.

museum audit

Museum Audit

Museum audit is a service for museums who like to be audit and get a faster way to create solutions. This service is a little bit different with museum clinic as this is the concierge version of it. All your institution would need to do is just to be open minded, being honest (that is covered with client discretion terms and condition), sit back-continue what you always been doing and let us lead the way ;)

Museum Feasibility Study Service

Museum Feasibility Study

Museum Feasibility Study is how it sounds like, we can show you how feasible it would be and how your vision can come true. Along the way we will show you options and alternations of the institutions direction, form and defining your own target of success.

Museum Planning and Design Service

Museum Planning & Design

Museum Planning & Design is a service that helps you to plan and design a museum based on a careful museum feasibility study. This service gives a clear and detailed stages and visualization of the museum making process.

Exhibit Planning and Design

Exhibit Planning & Design

Exhibit Planning & Design is a service that will assist you to plan, design and execute exhibitions in your institution, suited with your needs and budget. The service organize conceptual phase with experts, curators and collection manager which followed with project planning and execution.

Museum Capacity Building (Soon)

Museum capacity building is a service that we are trying to develop with museums who wishes to develop their human resource potential to be insightful personnel who passionately engage with museum collection and museum audience.

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