Museum Visibility Study: Museum Kebangkitan Nasional

Museum Visibility Study Portfolio


Museum Visibility Study Portfolio


Museum Visibility Study Portfolio


This study was done in the first half of 2014 out of the wishes of the museum to get insight on how people know or why people does not aware of them. The museum’s location is quite strategically in the city, yet even taxi drivers do not realized that the museum building is not abandoned. The study was done by working with the museums direct neighborhood, people who lives there, who works there and also interviewed people who visits other museums in that area to seek if they know or not the existent of the museum.

The study did not only give insight on how some unexpected operational choices that were taken become the reason of why people were not aware of the museum. Outcome from the processes established by the study made the museum become the first inclusive museum in Indonesia that involves their direct neighborhood in their program and giving space for community based social program as such free polyclinic; a preschool and other education programs.

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